Council Highlights from the April 24, 2023 Meeting

News Release

Urban Infill & Greenhouse Gas Reduction Development Permit – 7816 Sage Drive

Council authorized the issuance of an Urban Infill and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Development Permit for a property at 7816 Sage Drive. The purpose of the permit is to facilitate the construction of a carriage house on the property.

Growing Communities Reserve Fund Bylaw No. 1818, 2023

Council adopted a bylaw to hold the funds received from the Growing Communities Fund. Communities are required to place the funds into a segregated reserve fund established under Section 188 of the Community Charter. Council has approved using a portion of these funds for the Aberdeen Road Sanitary Sewer Trunk Main project and the School Road project.

Miscellaneous Fees & Charges Bylaw No. 1824, 2023

Council adopted a bylaw to amend the miscellaneous fees and charges bylaw. The primary adjustments are for parking fees at the Kalavista Boat Launch, records for disclosure which, for commercial applications only, will include a $10 application fee, building permit fee reduction with professional plan certification, sanitary sewer leak adjustments, and a few housekeeping items.

Bylaw No. 1825, 2023 – Tax Rates Bylaw

Council gave three readings to the 2023 Tax Rates Bylaw. This bylaw establishes the tax rates, as contemplated in the previously adopted 2023-2027 Financial Plan.

Bylaw No. 1826, 2023 – Subdivision Development Servicing Bylaw

Council gave three readings to the Subdivision Development and Servicing Bylaw. This bylaw requires and regulates the provision of works and services in respect to the subdivision and development of lands within the District of Coldstream. The primary change in this updated bylaw is the alignment of standards with the Master Municipal Contract Documents (MMCD). This will provide greater consistency in the application of the bylaw.

Lavington Park – Tender Award

Council awarded the Lavington Park Irrigation Tender to TGK Irrigation Ltd. to install new irrigation lines, valves and sprinkler heads in Lavington Park. The contract amount is $467,828.05 plus taxes.

Lacrosse Box – Resurfacing Contract Award

Council authorized Administration to award the contract to Asphalt Solutions to resurface the Lacrosse Box at Creekside Park in the amount of $57,798 plus GST. The new asphalt will support the recent decision to move the pickleball courts to the Lacrosse Box.

2023-2026 Strategic Plan

Council adopted the 2023-2026 Strategic Plan. This document provides a summary of the key strategics, objectives and action plans that will guide the District in 2023. The document is a living document and is reviewed annually and updated as required. The document is available on the District website.

Community Facilities Rental Policy

Council adopted the Community Facilities Rental Policy, which establishes the policies, procedures and requirements for the use of District property for the social, cultural athletic or recreational use by residents, organizations or visitors to the community. This policy will help guide staff for the operation of the Coldstream Community Hall once it is open.