Council Highlights from January 23, 2023 Meeting

Type: News Release

Wireless Telecommunication Tower – 6625 Buchanan Road

Council approved forwarding the Development Application to Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada with non-support for the proposal. The reason being that the tower location is not suitable.

Rezoning Amendment Bylaw No. 1815, 2022 – Temporary Farm Worker Housing

Council gave first and second reading to a zoning bylaw amendment to increase the number of allowable farm workers from 76 to 122. This is consistent with approval received from the Agricultural Land Commission. A public hearing on the rezoning application will take place within the next 4-6 weeks.

2023 Elected Officials Seminar – Council Attendance

Council gave approval for any member of Council wishing to attend the 2023 Elected Officials Seminar hosted by the Local Government Leadership Academy in Kelowna on March 1-3, 2023.

Development Cost Charges – Secondary Suites

Council directed staff to prepare a Zoning bylaw amendment to clarify the definition of secondary suites in order to exempt them from the application of Duplex Development Cost Charges (DCC).

Playground Equipment – Coldstream and Lavington Park

Council approved budgets ($55,000 respectively) to replace playground equipment at Lavington and Coldstream Parks. This process will commence shortly with installation anticipated later this year.

Pickleball Courts – Creekside Park

Council authorized upgrades to the Lacrosse Box in Creekside Park to accommodate Pickleball courts. This process will commence shortly with installation and construction anticipated for later this year.

Pavement Management – Five (5) Year Plan

Council approved the 5-Year Pavement Management Program. The procurement process will commence shortly with construction anticipated for later this year.

Lavington Wetland – Next Steps

Council authorized staff to have water and soil testing completed around the Lavington Wetland. This information will be brought back to a future Council meeting to determine the next steps for the project.