Council Highlights from the May 23, 2023 Meeting

News Release

Rezoning Amendment Bylaw No. 1822, 2023 – Agricultural Comprehensive Development Zone One

Council requested that additional information be brought forward, for the property at 9172 Kalamalka Road, surrounding restaurant regulations in the Agricultural Land Reserve and also to ensure that only the current uses on the property are authorized. Council tabled decision on the recommended motion pending clarification on the square footage of the existing restaurant, including the existing patio, and available parking stalls. The matter will be brought forward at the next Council meeting.

Bylaw No. 1827, 2023 – BC Energy Step Code

Council adopted a bylaw that will require all new construction meet Step 3 of the BC Energy Step Code. Provincial legislation has mandated that all new construction beginning May 1 meet Step 3 of the Code. 

Bylaw No. 1828, 2023 – Wildlife Feeding and Attractant

Council gave three readings to a bylaw that would prohibit the feeding of wildlife and regulate wildlife attractants. The bylaw will be brought forward for adoption at the next Council meeting.

2023/2024 Annual Operating Agreement

Council adopted the 2023/2024 Annual Operating Agreement (AOA) for Transit. The AOA outlines the parameters for delivering transit service in our community including service hours, rate structure, and budget.

Accessibility Committee

Council received a report from Administration on the progress made towards the establishment of an Accessibility Committee. In accordance with the Accessible British Columbia Act public sector organizations are required to establish an accessibility committee, an accessibility plan, and build a tool to receive feedback. Coldstream is working with the Regional District of North Okanagan and the member municipalities to establish a regional committee to meet this obligation.

Community Events Calendar

Council adopted policy GD21, which outlines the parameters for the use of a District community events calendar. In conjunction with the opening of the new Community Hall, the events calendar will help to share and promote applicable community events. 

Greater Vernon Water Distribution, Operations, Maintenance & Repair Agreement

Coldstream and the Regional District of North Okanagan have reached agreement on a new five year agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, Coldstream will continue to manage the distribution, operations, maintenance, and repair of the water distribution system in Coldstream.

Kirkland Beach Swimming Area

Coldstream has successfully acquired a License of Occupation, for 30 years, from the Province of BC for the public swimming area located at 7918 Kirkland Drive.