Roads & Drainage

The Roads and Drainage Division is responsible for the safety and maintenance of District streets.  Their primary services include:

  • Clearing snow from streets, paths, and around critical infrastructure such as the fire halls and sanitary sewer lift stations.  Streets are cleared in order of priority as set by Council.
  • Sweeping the streets in the spring, following the application of salted sands during the winter, and as needed before winter to remove dirt and leaf litter from the street gutters. 
  • Inspecting catch basins and drywells and clearing as needed.
  • Inspecting culverts and clearing and/or repairing as needed.
  • Mowing ditches and re-establishing drainage as needed.
  • Sealing cracks and repairing potholes.
  • Inspecting bridges and repairing as needed.
  • Posting roadway signage such as no parking/parking zones.
  • Installing traffic calming devices and signs.
  • Inspecting and replacing line painting as needed.

The Roads and Drainage Division also provides heavy equipment support to the Utilities and Parks Divisions.