Dog Control, Licencing & Park Use

Dog Control and Licencing Services in the District are provided through the North Okanagan Regional District (RDNO).

RDNO Dog Control Officers respond to dog-related complaints and operate the pound facility. They also reunite lost dogs with their owners.

For more information, to submit a dog incident report, or apply for a dog licence, please visit the

RDNO Dog Control Webpage

Dogs in Parks and Public Spaces

  • Dogs must be leashed at all times, except in areas designated as off-leash by a sign posted by the District.
  • Dog feces must be promptly removed and disposed of appropriately.
  • Owners must ensure their dog does not harm or interfere with the comfort of other people or wildlife.
  • An Animal Control Officer may impound any dog, pet, or animal found unlawfully in a park.
  • The District Parks and Public Spaces Bylaw, specifies that dogs are only permitted in the following parks and public spaces