Addressing Council

For questions or concerns about District services and operations, please contact Reception.

Contact Mayor and Council Directly

You may contact any Council member directly by email, telephone or by mail at:

Mayor & Council, 9901 Kalamalka Road, Coldstream, BC, V1B 1L6

If your correspondence will be included on a Council meeting agenda, staff will contact you in advance.

Participate in a Council Meeting

There are several ways to address Council by participating in a meeting or hearing:

Meeting Conduct

  • Speakers and members of the gallery are expected to conduct themselves appropriately. 
  • The Mayor has the power to expel those acting inappropriately from the meeting
  • Comments and questions should be directed to the Mayor, who is addressed as “Mayor” or “Your Worship”. 

Committee Meetings

  • Committee meetings generally do not allow for public input as it is received at Council meetings or Public Hearings.