Emergency Notifications

Stay up-to-date on emergency notifications in case of a wildfire, flood, or hazardous materials incident. Sign up today to receive emergency information from the District of Coldstream through its emergency notification system: Alertable

Download Alertable

The Alertable app is free and can be downloaded from your mobile phone, tablet, computer, or smart speaker.

It’s easy to get alerts!


Once you sign up, be sure to choose 'Coldstream, BC' as your location. You can also add other communities that use the Alertable notification system in the "Settings" section, to stay up-to-date where you live, work and explore.

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Signing Up for Alertable Emergency Notifications

The District will continue posting all emergency notifications on this website and its social media channels (e.g., Facebook and Twitter), as well as distributing news releases and working closely with local media outlets to keep the public informed during emergency events.


Get answers on the Alertable website by clicking FAQ in the bottom right hand corner.