Application to Access Property Building Files

Property Owners who wish to view their Property Building Files, or authorize another party (i.e. real estate agent) to view the file(s), may do so by completing the 'Application to Access Property Building Files' webform below. This form must be completed by the property owner. A $75 application fee payment is required prior to processing. See below for payment options. 

For more information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions below or contact the Building Department

Frequently Asked Questions

Please be advised that the District:
  • does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information being provided;
  • may not have any property and/or building files;
  • is not responsible for costs incurred or damages sustained as a result of errors, deficiencies, and/or omissions in the documents; and

Information is disclosed pursuant to the Freedom of Information and Protection of the Privacy Act (FIPPA) and the Federal Copyright Act.

Application Form

Property/Owner Information

Property Owner(s)
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Name of person(s) who own the property
Business Name (if applicable)
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Phone Number
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Subject Property Address


Please list all the parties that you wish to authorize to view the property building file (i.e., realtors)
Please provide any additional information, such as specific documents you are searching for.
By signing above I, the property owner of the address listed above, authorize the parties listed above to view and/or obtain a copy of documents contained in the building file for the above noted property from the District in accordance with the requirements of the Provincial Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.