Highlights from the January 22, 2024 Council Meeting

News Release

O’Keefe Ranch Update

Mr. Bruce Cummings, President, O'Keefe Ranch & Interior Heritage Society provided Council with a review of the Ranch’s activities throughout 2023. 

Temporary Borrowing Bylaw No. 1834, 2023 - Adoption

Council adopted the "District of Coldstream Temporary Borrowing Bylaw No. 1834, 2023".  The enactment of this bylaw will allow the District to temporarily borrow funds for the start of construction of the Public Works Building as approved in the 2022 Referendum.

Council Procedure Amendment Bylaw No. 1836, 2024

Council gave three readings to the “District of Coldstream Council Procedure Amendment Bylaw No. 1836, 2024” which, if adopted, will authorize two Council meetings to be held in Lavington annually and expand Council’s ability to participate electronically at meetings.  Prior to Council’s consideration of adoption, Public Notice of these amendments will be published in the local newspaper as required by the Community Charter and will be available on the District’s website.

Infrastructure Services Update – January 2024

The Director of Infrastructure Services provided an update on the District’s infrastructure projects

Find out more here.

Building Department Activity - 2023

The Director of Development Services provided a summary of the Building Department Activity for 2023. 

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Long Range Planning Committee

Council dissolved their North Kalamalka Area Planning Committee (formerly “Head of the Lake Planning Committee”) in favour of creating the Long-Range Planning Committee to address legislated requirements supporting the Province’s “Homes for People Plan”.  The Long-Range Planning Committee will consider the required amendments to the District’s Zoning and Official Community Plan bylaws as well as Infrastructure and Infrastructure funding, Community Amenities and Public Communications and engagement.  Public input and work to-date on the North Kalamalka Area Plan will be included for consideration and further work by the Long-Range Planning Committee.

Long Range Planning Committee Meeting - February 20, 2024

Council has authorized the cancellation of their Committee of the Whole meeting on February 20, 2024 in order to accommodate a meeting of the Long Range Planning Committee.  This newly established committee is expected to meet on the 3rd Monday of each month, following the Committee of the Whole meetings scheduled on those dates.

Special Council Meeting - February 5, 2024

Council will hold a Special Meeting at 6:00 pm on Monday, February 5, 2024 for the purpose of giving first reading to the District of Coldstream Financial Plan Bylaw No. 1837, 2024. The regularly scheduled Committee of the Whole meeting will immediately follow the Special Council Meeting.

Sovereign Park Parking

Following a delegation to Council regarding a request for trees to be planted by the upper parking area at Sovereign Park and designation of parking stalls in the lower parking lot, Council directed Administration to consider the placement of trees in all District of Coldstream parks and to bring a report forward to a future Council meeting outlining options to clarify the existing signage for accessible parking and signage options to designate a parking stall for “drop-off only” in the lower parking lot at Sovereign Park.

Report from the In Camera Meeting

Council released the following information from in camera discussion:

Sale of Surplus Equipment

Council authorized and awarded the following sales of surplus equipment:

  • A FSHx15x48 Hydraulic Spreader to Alexander Wambold in the amount of $200 plus applicable taxes;
  • A 1993 Hub Fire Engine to Leon Pickering in the amount of $3,205 plus applicable taxes; and
  • A 1998 24’x40’ Modular Relocatable Building (Public Works Lunchroom) to Alexander Wambold in the amount of $5,250 plus applicable taxes.

Tree Height Bylaw (Protection of Views)

Following a request from a delegation in October 2023, requesting that Council consider regulating tree heights in identified neighbourhoods, Council has directed Administration to include consultation and options regarding tree height control and viewscape protection in the 2025 Official Community Plan process.