Joint statement from City of Vernon, District of Coldstream and RDNO Electoral Areas B and C on recreation ‘fee for service’ agreement

News Release

The City of Vernon has established a ‘fee for service’ agreement for recreation services with the District of Coldstream and Regional District of North Okanagan (RDNO) Electoral Areas B and C.

Under the agreement, Coldstream and Electoral Areas B and C will contribute to the operational funding for recreation services within the City of Vernon, as well as for Lavington Pool.

This Agreement will ensure residents of Coldstream and Areas B and C receive the same user rates as the residents of Vernon, and will continue to have equal access to recreation facilities, services and early program registration.

“It is a pleasure to continue to share the cost for, and provisions of, recreation services in Greater Vernon,” said City of Vernon Mayor, Victor Cumming.

“This District of Coldstream is pleased to sign as a party to this agreement, after some long hard fought negotiations” said Coldstream Mayor, Ruth Hoyte. “Not only does this agreement provide a fee for service, but access for our residents. It also further defines the relationship between the parties. For sure, we can state that we can find common ground which is mutually beneficial for all. "

“I am pleased to have the recreation agreement with the City of Vernon concluded,” said RDNO Electoral Area B Director, Bob Fleming. “I believe it is good for the residents of Electoral Area B, as well as for all the other residents of Greater Vernon.”

"Having grown up in Greater Vernon and participated in athletics my whole life, I am aware of the importance of recreation for everyone,” said RDNO Electoral Area C Director, Amanda Shatzko “We are proud to work with our neighbours to provide equal access and opportunity to recreation."

The 2024 base funding for operating Vernon Recreation Services is $4,247,665. Under the agreement the jurisdictions would contribute the following amounts:

  • Coldstream: $722,103
  • Area B: $369,547
  • Area C: $365,299

Annual contribution will be adjusted in accordance with the Consumer Price Index (CPI), starting in 2025. The ‘fee for service’ agreement will commence on January 1, 2024, for a term of three years, expiring December 31, 2026, with the opportunity to negotiate for future terms.

As Vernon Recreation Services will be moving to a two-tiered pricing model on January 1, 2024, the City is inviting any communities who may be interested in participating in recreation services at the same level as Coldstream and Electoral Areas B and C to establish a ‘fee for service’ agreement.