FireSmart Your Property

By taking action and creating a FireSmart property, you will dramatically increase the resistance of your home and property to damage caused by wildfire.

  1. Keep your roof free of debris and consider fire-resistant or fire-retardant roofing
  2. Install a spark arrestor on the chimney
  3. Keep gutters clean
  4. Assess and maintain eaves and vents to reduce openings for embers
  5. Use fire-resistant siding
  6. Install fire-resistant windows
  7. Ensure doors are fire-rated and have a proper seal
  8. Clean under decks
  9. Separate any fencing to be at least 1.5 metres from the home
  10. Maintain the exterior of the home
  11. FireSmart your outbuildings
  12. Select fire-resistant plants
  13. Avoid having any wood debris or mulch
  14. Keep your grass mowed

A FireSmart yard can include trees, which are a cherished part of our relationship with nature. You can have a lush, green yard that is also resistant to wildfire. Which trees should you plant? Visit FireSmart BC for more information