Highlights from the October 23, 2023 Council Meeting

News Release

Proposed Plan

Temporary Use Permit Approved for 8002 Quirk Drive

After providing opportunity for public input, Council authorized a temporary use permit for an accessory building at 8002 Quirk Dr to be used for an agriculturally themed Bed and Breakfast accommodation for a one-year term.

Facility Use Bylaw & Facility Rental Policy Amendments

Over Coldstream Community Hall’s first operational quarter, Administration identified areas of improvement in the Facility Use Fees Bylaw, and provided suggested amendments for Council’s consideration, including updates to the definitions, rate structure and rate use categories. Council reviewed the recommended changes and gave first three readings to the amending Bylaw.

Council also approved amendments to Policy GD20 “Rental of District Facilities” to provide improved tools and mechanisms for staff to manage facility rentals.

Aberdeen Road Widening Project

In conjunction with the Aberdeen Sewer Trunk project, Council approved the plan for the widening of Aberdeen Road. The newly widened shoulders on either side of the Road will include bike lanes and pedestrian lanes, as shown in the proposed layout attached to this Media Release.

Infrastructure Projects Update

The Director of Infrastructure Services provided an update on the District’s infrastructure projects.

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Fall/Spring Opens Burning Period Dates

Council combined the Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 open burn permit periods to run from November 1, 2023 to April 30, 2024. Landowners with parcels of 2 hectares (4.94 acres) or larger may apply for permits here.

Further, in consideration of the evolving fire protection needs in the community, Council requested that amendments to Fire Protection Bylaw No. 1712 to be brought forward at a future meeting to address special burning permits, inspection fees, and the annual open burning dates over the long-term.